IFHHRO Regional Training, Managua 2008

The IFHHRO Latin America Regional Training on Monitoring the Right to Health took place in Managua, Nicaragua, from 9 to 13 December 2008. It was co-organised by Ipas and IFHHRO's Regional Focal Point based in Lima, Peru. Titled “Respect, Promotion, and Guarantee of the Right to Health: Monitoring its Progress”, the objective of the training was to encourage the participants to develop a new vision of the right to health and its inclusion as an integral part of the human rights framework, as well as its incorporation into training curricula for health providers.

A total of 33 participants attended the training; 80% of them were health professionals (either doctors or nurses), both practicing doctors and medical professors, while 20% were health professionals that also worked as advocates for the right to health. The participants represented many countries, including Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Short report [PDF]

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