Understanding markets in order to improve access to essential medicines and other health products

morphinePATH recently published the resource Markets Matter Advocacy Guide. This guide can be used by health advocates to learn how to strengthen markets to improve access to essential health products. 

The resource, which is part of PATH's Stronger Health Advocates Greater Health Impact series, contains an overview of market actors and identifies policies and advocacy entry points for civil society. It also provides examples of how advocates have engaged in market issues to bring about change with:

1) National medicine policies
2) Health product regulation
3) Policies affecting provision of health products by private pharmacies and drug shops
4) Public-sector procurement policies
5) Taxes and duties on essential health products

Access Markets Matter Advocacy Guide: How advocates can strengthen markets to improve access to essential health products, PATH, 2017


Latest News

  • Rights-related policies adopted at the latest World Medical Association General Assembly

    conferenceDelegates from more than 50 national medical associations attended the annual General Assembly of the World Medical Association (WMA) in Chicago from 11 to 14 October. Some of the rights-related issues discussed were hunger strikes, armed conflict, access to health care, child abuse, and fair medical trade.

  • Complicity of doctors in forced anal examinations

    complicityDoctors, medical professionals, and national medical associations should heed the World Medical Association's October 2017 resolution to end forced anal examinations on people accused of homosexual conduct, Human Rights Watch states. The General Assembly of the World Medical Association (WMA) condemned the use of forced anal examinations to seek evidence of consensual homosexual conduct.