Step 2 – Case study Nigeria


Five human rights have been found relevant to the issue identified during Step 1. For each of these rights details have been added to specify how it is relevant.

Right to health People in rural Mashegu face financial barriers in accessing healthcare

The hospital is too far away

The negative attitude of health workers makes people feel unwelcome

Right to information People in rural Mashegu lack information about health services
Right to privacy Not directly relevant in this case
Right to liberty Not directly relevant in this case
Freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment People are denied treatment because they cannot afford user fees
Freedom from discrimination People suffer from discrimination based on their socio-economic status
Right to participation People were not consulted when the “user fee” policy was formulated, though they are the ones that are directly affected

This example was provided by Dr Igboekwu Chukwumuanya. See here for a description of the case.

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