IFHHRO | Medical Human Rights Network promotes health-related human rights, including the right to health. Our focus is on the important role of health professionals.

We believe that there lies a huge potential in the health professions that could be mobilized for the promotion and protection of human rights.

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New Topic: Sustainable Development Goals

Today, we published a new article in the Topics section on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  In this article, our volunteer Somaya Bahji describes how the SDGs relate to the right to health, which SDGs are of particular importance for fulfilling the right to health, and which population groups are disadvantaged in this regard.

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Turkey: Courtcase against Turkish Medical Association staff

IFHHRO is deeply concerned about the sentencing on 3 May of the leadership of the Turkish Medical Association, partner of IFHHRO, and joins Physicians for Human Rights’ call that the court’s decision be overturned and the charges be dismissed.

Prison Sentencing of Turkish Doctors for Calling War a “Public Health Problem” is an Egregious Miscarriage of Justice

On 24 January 2019 the Council of the TMA issued a declaration titled the War is a Public Health Problem, upon which President Erdogan called the TMA “terrorist lovers”.

IFHHRO supports the TMA declaration, holds the view that doctors have a duty to express concerns about threats to public health clearly and openly, among which is war.

The ruling of the Turkish court is therefore an offense and threat to the global community of doctors and other health workers.


China: Abolish Arbitrary Detention for Sex Workers

Human Rights Watch is urgently requesting the Government of China to abolish the Custody and Education system used to detain primarily sex workers for up to two years without trial. This system is supposed to provide sex workers and clients with education, health monitoring, and work experience. However, Human Rights Watch research shows that in practice, the Custody and Education system often entails forced labour, physical and sexual violence, and psychological abuse.