As we do not have a physical office, there are no possibilities for internships. However, we could use your time as an online volunteer! We are especially looking for students of health law, medicine, nursing, etc., or people already working in the health sector who are interested in health and human rights. Please check out the current short assignment(s) below.

1) Updating the Topics section on our website

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to write or update one or more of our thematic pages on health and human rights. If you are interested in this assignment, please go to Topics and select the theme(s) of your choice.

We could also use your help in finding useful online resources such as books, reports, manuals and e-learning courses on specific health-related topics.

2) Keeping our social media alive and kicking

We currently have no-one active on our social media. So, we could use your help. Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages and contact us if you are interested in helping out a bit.

What’s in it for you?

You will be acknowledged on our website as a volunteer. And at request, we can send you a letter of recommendation to help you increase your chances in finding a (new) job.

Still interested?

If you are still interested in contributing to our work, please contact us and send us some information about:

  • who you are (educational and professional background)
  • what you would like to do
  • how long you intend to be available as an online volunteer
  • when you could carry out this particular assignment (including a self-imposed deadline)