New Topics: Interpersonal violence and armed conflict

January 26, 2018

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WHO typology of interpersonal violenceInterpersonal violence can take many forms and is not restricted to intimitate partner violence, usually of men against women. According to the World Health Organization, interpersonal violence “refers to violence between individuals, and is subdivided into family and intimate partner violence and community violence. The former category includes child maltreatment; intimate partner violence; and elder abuse, while the latter is broken down into acquaintance and stranger violence and includes youth violence; assault by strangers; violence related to property crimes; and violence in workplaces and other institutions.”

Our volunteer Tara Ornstein wrote an article about interpersonal violence, explaining what the health consequences are and what health professionals can do to help victims.

Armed conflict

She also wrote an article about armed conflict and its impact on the right to health. This includes, among others, the consequences of attacks on health facilities, confiscation of medicines or medical equipment, obstruction of health facilities e.g., by blocking roads, and arrest, assault or intimidation of health workers.

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