Step 2 – Which human rights are affected?

After completing Step 1, the healthcare problem has been defined taking the individuals that are affected as a starting point. The next step is to determine which human rights are being compromised because of what is happening.

This step helps to clarify that what is happening is not just an unfortunate situation but that it is a human rights issue which requires change. The relevant human rights provide the first indication of what this change should accomplish.

The table on the following page contains information on the right to health and six other human rights which are relevant within healthcare systems. For each right a general definition is provided as well as details on how this right is related to healthcare.

Information on corresponding human rights treaties and accountability mechanisms can be found under Legal sources of human rights within the healthcare system.

Use the table to find out which human rights are affected by the problem and for each right describe why it is relevant to the issue.

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