Training on a rights-based approach

IFHHRO has quite some experience in training health workers in health and human rights issues. We work around the world in different social and cultural settings. The strength of our trainings lies in the fact that they are tailor made and have a clear link between health as a human right and the daily work of the health worker. By using participatory methods we hope to stimulate health workers to use a human rights based approach in their own work.

We can help your organisation or group too. Please contact us if you are in need of training and we will try to find a trainer for you. Training cannot be offered for free as we currently do not have a budget for this. But the costs will be relatively low as we do not have a commercial purpose.

IFHHRO Training Manual

If you would like to conduct your own training on health and human rights or the right to health, please consider using our well-evaluated Human Rights for Health Workers – IFHHRO Training Manual. This online manual shares materials developed to train health workers in health and human rights issues. It intends to bridge the gap between the legal conceptualization of the right to health and the daily practice of health workers by providing human rights education materials specifically designed for them.

The manual is available in English, Russian, French and Spanish.


Do you like our materials but is it just a bit different from what you need for your own training? Do not worry, we are more than happy to think with you and help you design tailor-made session plans and programmes for your own training.

If you like our materials but do not want to facilitate the sessions yourself, we can help you through “distance coaching” or even in person. There might be a person available in our network who has done the session before and can facilitate the session for or with you. Just contact us to find out.