Access to free health information and images

February 18, 2012

Hesperian Health Guides, publisher of the well-known book Where There Is No Doctor, is launching a new set of digital tools designed especially for community health workers and trainers. The Hesperian Digital Commons provides free access to health information in 26 languages, and allows health workers to produce their own health posters, flyers, etc.

The Digital Commons features an interactive Safe Pregnancy and Birth iPhone app in a friendly, accessible style. It also contains HealthWiki in 10 languages which is well-suited for slow internet connections. In a searchable online image library thousands of line drawings have been made available for use by health workers and teaching staff. In addition, a free layout programme has been made available to create posters or flyers, using texts and images from the Digital Commons website.

All tools and resources are available through Hesperian’s website: and the iTunes Apple Store: