Bahrain: Doctors and patients under siege

March 22, 2011

Inside the Salmaneya Hospital, the main hospital in Bahrain, several doctors and other health workers are de facto being held captive. The hospital is being besieged by the army and health workers are not allowed to get in nor leave the hospital.

Wounded protesters are denied access to medical services and any doctor who attempts to treat any injured who is anti-government gets shot or beaten brutally, local sources state. They urge health and human rights activitist to take any necessary steps towards helping the doctors, nurses and patients in Bahrain. Since March 2011, calls for more democracy and a change of government in the tiny oil state of Bahrain have been met with severe repression.

More information:

Bahrain hospital attack: ‘Physical abuse and humiliation of doctors’, The Telegraph (UK), 20 March 2011

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