Global Health Watch 4 – Alternative World Health Report released

November 21, 2014

Published by Zed Books and now in its fourth edition, the Global Health Watch (GHW) report is widely perceived as the definitive voice for an alternative discourse on health.

“GHW4 integrates rigorous analysis, alternative proposals and stories of struggles and change to present a compelling case for the imperative to work for a radical transformation of the way we approach actions and policies on health. It is designed to question present policies on health and to propose alternatives through new analysis”, says Sangeeta Shashikant, adviser to the Penang-based think-tank Third World Network.

Through its five sections, this book covers diverse issues related to health systems and the range of social, economic, political and environmental determinants of health. GHW4 locates decisions and choices that impact on health in the structure of global power relations and economic governanceand is complemented by the ‘ Watching’ section that scrutinises global processes and institutions.The final section on ‘Alternatives, Action and Change’, documents inspiring stories of struggles and actions for change.

With special attention being paid to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the role of WHO and a special focus on Latin America, this edition addresses key issues in the health sector. 

GHW4 was coordinated by the People’s Health Movement (PHM), Asociacion Latino-americana de Medicina Social (ALAMES), Health Action International, Medico International, Third World Network (TWN) and Medact.

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