Health and Human Rights Journal special issue on bioethics and the right to health

June 18, 2015


The latest issue of Health and Human Rights Journal (Volume 17, Issue 1) was published online recently. The issue features a special seciton on ‘Bioethics and the Right to Health’, as well as articles on Human Rights Impact Assessment, antiretroviral medicine, sex work and human trafficking, reproductive rights, etc. Individual articles can be accessed through our website. 

Table of Contents

Editorial. Bioethics and the Right to Health: Advancing a Complementary Agenda

Jennifer Gibson, Lisa Forman, Stephanie Nixon, Guest Editors


Special Section on Bioethics and the Right to Health
in collaboration with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

The Foundations of a Human Right to Health: Human Rights and Bioethics in Dialogue

Audrey Chapman


A Sensitive Period: Bioethics, Human Rights, and Child Development

Avram Denburg


Setting a Minimum Standard of Care in Clinical Trials: Human Rights and Bioethics as Complementary Frameworks

Fatma E. Marouf and Bryn S. Esplin



Bioethics, Human Rights, and Childbirth

Joanna Erdman


Limiting Rights and Freedoms in the Context of Ebola and Other Public Health Emergencies: How the Principle of Reciprocity Can Enrich the Application of the Siracusa Principles

Diego S. Silva, Maxwell J. Smith


How Bioethics Is Complementing Human Rights in Realizing Health Access for Clinical Trial Participants: The Case of Formative PrEP Access in South Africa

Jerome Singh


General Health and Human Rights Papers

Human Rights Impact Assessment: A Method for Healthy Policymaking

Gillian MacNaughton


Evolving Human Rights and the Science of Antiretroviral Medicine

Matthew M. Kavanagh, Jennifer Cohn, Lynette Mabote, Benjamin Mason Meier, Brian Williams, Asia Russell, Kenly Sikwese, Brook K. Baker


Evaluating Human Rights Advocacy on Criminal Justice and Sex Work

Joseph J. Amon, Margaret Wurth, Megan McLemore


Conflicting Rights: How the Prohibition of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Infringes the Right to Health of Female Sex Workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Lisa Maher, Thomas Crewe Dixon, Pisith Phlong, Julie Mooney-Somers, Ellen S. Stein, Kimberly Page


Focusing on Prevention: The Social and Economic Rights of Children Vulnerable to Sex Trafficking

Angela Duger


Data-Driven Human Rights: Using Dual Loyalty Trainings to Promote the Care of Vulnerable Patients in Jail

Sarah Glowa-Kollisch, Jasmine Graves, Nathaniel Dickey, Ross MacDonald, Zachary Rosner, Anthony Waters, Homer Venters


Reproductive Rights or Reproductive Justice? Lessons from Argentina

Lynn M. Morgan


The Right to Life in Peace: An Essential Condition for Realizing the Right to Health

Donna J. Perry, Christian Guillermet Fernández, David Fernández Puyana

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