Launch campaign Stop Torture in Health Care

March 30, 2011

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The Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care in which IFHHRO is one of the partners was officially launched on March 29th 2011. The campaign seeks to hold governments accountable for abuses perpetrated against citizens in the name of health care.

Three topics have been singled out in this regard: access to pain relief, forced sterilisation and detention for drug users. To introduce the campaign and its new website, Francoise Girard, Director of the Public Health Program of Open Society Foundations (one of the main organizations involved in the campaign), posted a blog on the OSF website in which she wrote: “We are launching this campaign today for the hundreds of thousands of people who are tortured as a result of insufficient access to pain medicine, for the many who are locked away in drug detention centers where they are regularly beaten and abused, and for the women who are coerced or forced into being sterilized because they “should not be having children.””


Stop Torture in Health Care website:

Twitter: @carenottorture

Campaign information on the IFHHRO website