New open access course on non-communicable diseases and human rights

November 13, 2017


A new free online course addresses the links between non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and human rights. This short, self-paced course was developed by the Program on Global Health and Human Rights of the University of Southern California (USC). It is designed to boost literacy and support action to address these links among advocacy groups, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students and others.

The NCDs and Human Rights course is divided into seven sessions:

  • Session 1: NCD Basics
  • Session 2: HRs in Relation to NCD Prevention & Control
  • Session 3: Potential Approaches to Using HRs in NCD Prevention & Control
  • Session 4: Operationalizing the Linkages between NCD and HRs-Entry Points for Engagement
  • Session 5: Translating HRs Principles fro, the HIV Epidemic to NCDs
  • Session 6: Breastfeeding and Baby Formulas: A Question of Health and HRs
  • Session 7: Conclusion

Lecturers include Dr. Laura Ferguson (USC), Professor Sofia Gruskin (USC), David Patterson (International Development Law Organization), and Marcus Stahlhofer (World Health Organization).

Except for video lectures, the course provides relevant background documents and resources such as the fairly recent article Non-communicable diseases and human rights: Global synergies, gaps and opportunities by Laura Ferguson, Daniel Tarantola, Michael Hoffmann and Sofia Gruskin, which was published in the journal Global Public Health in April 2016.

A certificate of completion is available upon registration.

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