Organizational changes in IFHHRO

December 8, 2017

logo IFHHROAfter months of preparation and work, we are happy to inform you about some important changes in the way we work. From a federation of health and human rights organizations, we have changed into a web-based network of individuals and organizations concerned in health and human rights. The new name of the organization is IFHHRO | Medical Human Rights Network. We will inform you soon about our plans and activities.

New website

Since this week, we also have a completely new website.  The main differences with the old one are:

  • It is more theme-based – check out the Topics section. For most of the approximately 50 topics in this list, you will find relevant information, resources and news. We have also integratedinformation from our Right to Health Wiki in this section. As a result, the Wiki will become disfunct soon.
  • It is more focused on sharing experiences and mutual support – check out for instance the page Share your Story. We invite health professionals to share their experiences  with health and human rights issues in their workplace with fellow health professionals all over the world.
  • A new feature is the digitalization of our action guide Steps for Change. This step-by-step method will help health professionals to frame a particular problem in their facility as a health and human rights issue, and address it accordingly.

What did not change is that we still offer you access to our expertise on health and human rights training, timely news items and up-to-date resources on the right to health.