Resource: Human Rights Readers for health and human rights activists

September 29, 2015


Over the last twenty years, Dr. Claudio Schuftan has written hundreds of articles on human rights from a health perspective. A number of these Human Rights Readers can now be found on the website, which has been set up by the IMAXI Cooperative.

The HumanRightsReaders @ForActivists is a tool designed to stimulate both thinking and actions on the ground, in collaboration with Claudio Schuftan. Claudio Schuftan, M.D. (pediatrics and international health) was born in Chile and is currently based in Vietnam where he works as a freelance consultant in public health and nutrition. He is one of the founders of the People’s Health Movement and a member of its Steering Group. 

The website editors will try to link each Reader with what is happening at related high-level meetings, events and campaigns. In the coming weeks they will also begin to include guest contributions by other human rights writers from the academic world and beyond. These posts will feature the work of those perhaps less-known outside of academia or those from the Global South. 

Access the Human Rights Readers