Russia: release Dr. Anastasia Vasilyeva!

February 11, 2021


In Russia, Dr. Anastasiya Vasilyeva, the President of the Doctors Alliance, was put in isolation in her own house in January, following her arrest during a protest rally in Moscow in support of Putin opponent Alexei Navalny. IFHHRO sent a letter today to the General of Justice, Mr. Bastykin, and the General Procecutor of the Russian Federation, Mr. Krasnov, requesting them to acquit Dr. Vasilyeva of all charges and release her from house arrest.

Read the letter below.

IFHHRO | Medical Human Rights Network has been notified of the imposition of house arrest and isolation of our colleague Dr. Anastasiya Vasilyeva. She is reportedly accused of violating COVID-19 sanitary and epidemiological rules, while attending a protest rally in Moscow on January 23, 2021.

This accusation has no legitimate ground, as Moscow mayor Mr. Sergei Sobyanin lifted all restrictions on COVID-19 the day before.

There is compelling evidence that her arrest follows her public position regarding the arrest and conviction of Mr. Alexei Navalny, in which she, as Chair of the Doctors Alliance, has protested the violation of Mr. Navalny’s right to life and health.

Her protest has its legal basis in international human rights treaties, as enshrined in the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ratified by the Russian government.

Ms. Anastasiya Vasilyeva’s house arrest and isolation from her minor children is illegal and causes medical damage to the community she serves. This is a clear violation of the principles of the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which is also recognized by the Russian government.

We therefore urge the Russian authorities to unconditionally release our colleague Anastasiya Vasilyeva in order to enable her to take care of her family, including two young children, and to continue her work as a doctor without political impediments.