The right to health in Russia

January 10, 2012

Recently, IFHHRO published a report written by Natalya Pestova, on the Right to Health in Russia as part of the ‘Monitoring the Right to Health’ project.

This project, which is coordinated by the University of Aberdeen School of Law, aims to analyse the realisation of the right to health in a number of countries across the world. There is a special focus on the Middle East. The purposes of the project are to give practical follow-up to the existing framework of the right to health and to disseminate information on the realisation of the right to health in the countries under scrutiny. Reports have already been published on the right to health in Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria and Serbia.
Some of the questions addressed in the series are:

  • Do the selected countries have a commitment to health in their Constitution?
  • Are they bound by a right to health under international law?
  • How do they give effect to their international and national legal obligations in practice?
  • How are their health sectors organized?
  • To what extent are their health systems privatized?
  • To what extent do their populations have access to health services, including reproductive health services?
  • Are certain population groups being left out?

All reports can be accessed from the IFHHRO Wiki.