Using new technology to assist doctors in fighting sexual violence in conflict situations

October 6, 2014

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IFHHRO member Physicians for Human Rights has developed a mobile app to allow clinicians to document evidence of sexual violence and submit medical-legal proof to the justice system. In a blog on the PHR website, Dr. Thierry Nasibu Ntumba, physician in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, explains how this new MediCapt app works.

Sexual violence is a grave problem the world over, but it is particularly prevalent in conflict zones like the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Dr. Nasibu Ntumba works at the General Hospital of Minova.

He wrote in his blog: “MediCapt allows me to play an important role in addressing crimes committed against my patients and assists the survivor in the healing process. This essential tool will help survivors regain their confidence, knowing that there is a medical-legal team working on their behalf.”

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