Support campaign physicians and corona

    Stop threatening Russian health workers!

    An alarming increase of COVID-19 cases in Russia has been noticed over the last few weeks, with figures much higher than those officially reported. Doctors, nurses and other health workers such as ambulance drivers have testified about poor working conditions, huge shortages of personal protection equipment and non-payment of promised financial compensation. Further, doctors and other health workers have been threatened with ‘criminal investigation’ if they testify about their experiences. Several cases of suspected death and severe injury after a ‘fall from a window’ illustrate the endangered position of Russian health workers.

    These attacks on Russian health workers must be stopped immediately. The Russian government, national and local politicians and hospital administrators must be held responsible for the physical and legal protection of health workers, whether they distribute personal protective equipment among colleagues in need or provide life-saving equipment to COVID-19 patients, or simply do everything they can to save the lives of patients and colleagues. Harassment, prosecution and even murder of Russian doctors, nurses, first aid and ambulance personnel is cruel and violates human dignity.

    IFHHRO | Medical Human Rights Network is deeply concerned about these developments. Read our statement here.
    Please send us a message of support and solidarity with the Alliance of Doctors in Russia. We will collect all messages and distribute them to the Cabinet of President Putin, the Attorney General of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. If you provide your e-mail address, we will update you about this campaign in due time.